About Me

I'm a lifelong learner.

Languages and Tools

I develop web apps from scratch using the following tools and languages and frameworks.

  • Mockup/Design Tools: Balsamiq, InvisionApp, Photoshop, GIMP
  • Styling: CSS3
  • Development: Atom, Sublime Text, CLI, Git, SourceTree, Pivotal Tracker
  • Languages: Javascript ES6, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, SQL
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap
  • APIs: Twilio

I am currently reading ‘Rails 5 Way’ by Obie Fernandez && ‘Object-Oriented Programming in Ruby’ by Sandi Metz.


  • Mockup/Design Tools: Sketch
  • Styling: SASS/SCSS
  • Development: Vim
  • Languages: Elixir
  • Frameworks: React, Phoenix
  • APIs: Stripe


  • Developer. SmartLogic
    April 2019 - Present

    Ruby on Rails. Sidekiq. PostgresQL. HTML5/CSS3. &more.
    Developing applications for various clients.

  • Founder. atRest
    June 2018 - April 2019

    Ruby on Rails. React. PostgresQL. HTML5/CSS3.
    Incorporating knowledge from YC Startup School and Flatiron School - DC to bring housing to your friends.

  • Founder. Gryd, Inc.
    September 2011 - Present
    Creating a directory of free and low-cost resources in Baltimore and beyond.

  • Student. YC Startup School
    September 2018 - November 2018

    Startup Knowledge.
    Sales. Engineering. PR for Growth. Investor Meetings. Building Product. & more.

  • Student. Founder's Gym
    March 2018 - April 2018

    Startup Knowledge.
    Fundraising 101 & more.

  • Student. Flatiron School - DC
    March 2018 - August 2018

    Web Development Immersive Program.
    HTML. CSS. Javascript. Ruby. Rails. React. Redux. sqlite3. postgresql. & more.

  • Co-Founder. HostHome.
    June 2017 - June 2018
    Sliding scale, accessible home sharing platform starting in the LGBT community.

    JHU Social Innovation Lab Cohort,
    3rd place @TechStars SW: Civic Edition

  • Co-Founder. Grep|App.IO
    December 2017 - August 2018
    Founding a non-hierarchical global digital design and development firm.

  • President. Baltimore Node
    March 2018 - June 2018
    Voted in as President of the local hackerspace/makerspace.

  • Vice President. Baltimore Node.
    March 2017 - March 2018
    Voted in as Vice President of the Baltimore Node, a local hackerspace in Baltimore.

  • Student. University of Rochester September 2006 - May 2012
    Began studying advanced Brain and Cognitive Science. Ended with Self-Made Inter-Departmental Major in International Social Entrepreneurship.