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atRest: Part 2

Due to sickness, my dev plans have been curtailed. I’ve been in and out of school because of it and mostly spending time trying to healing from a nasty sinus infection leaving me sleeping most of the days.

Quick update

I’ve got the backend (Rails 5.2 API) and the frontend (React) working with React Router to navigate with client-side routing. It works as a skateboard.


The mapbox map markers are still blockers for me, so I have to decide whether or not I will include the map and just have a list or not. I’ve looked at different setups and am confused as to how to integrate teh vanilla JS recommended by Mapbox in their docs with the React JS that I’m building. (Mapbox recommends not using React).

Moving Forward

Over this first couple of days this week, I will be striving to complete some new features such as getting the search to work for the names and addresses of listings in the second page in the flow, having the ‘Book Now’ button pop up with a modal for credit card information, including a fake datepicker for the reservation without much logic, and having an appropriate show page for each listing.

All in all, that’s that update!

Depending on how I feel these next couple of days, these may or may not get done. Regardless, it’s been a wonderful experience working on my own full stack application and I look forward to building this one out more post-graduation.