Community-Based Bootcamp Update: Number One

25% complete!

I’m working through Advanced Javascript track now, in addition to working on the final basic javascript project. For this last lab leading up to 200 lesson mark (25% mark), I used the map() function.

In the map() lab, I sorted an array of robots according their alliance (‘autobot’ or ‘decepticon’) using a different array, knownDecepticons. I used Array.prototype.includes() to check to see if each decepticon-affiliated robot was in the robots array. If it was, then it was given the alliance ‘decepticon’. If not, then it was given the alliance of ‘autobot’.

In the map() lab part two, I was tasked with alternating the color of a striped zebra. The even indexes of the zebra array were given a color of ‘black’, while the odd indexes were given a color of ‘white’ for their stripes. To do this, I needed two functions defined: isEven and isOdd. I checked whether or not the index of the appropriate zebra array was even or odd. If it is was even, then I assigned it the color of “black”. If it was odd, then it was given the color ‘white’. I used object.assign() to assign the colors so as to not alter the original array or object.

What’s next? Final Project and Advanced Javascript!

I’m still working through the Advanced Javascript track. I’m currently on four separate labs.

The first lab is the final project for the Javascript course that is available in the Bootcamp Prep. In it, I need to animate the game, Rock Dodger, which uses a dodger to bounce rocks back up the screen. I need to move the dodger right and left, as well as move the rocks and prevent collisions.

The second lab is using reduce() to get the sum of all the batteries in an array called batteryBatches, as well as reduce the lines in a monologue from Breaking Bad into an object output matching the number of words in the line to the number of lines with those words in them. It would look like this: { ‘7’: 2, ‘9’:1}, where ‘7’ represents the number of words and 2 is the number of lines with 7 words in it. It does this in chronological order.

The third lab is on using map() and reduce() with real Github API data.

The last one is using Basscss to create a Twitter client mockup.

I’ll update this again soon.

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Published 15 Dec 2016

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