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Personal Token: $MAX


Are you interested in personal tokens? Here's how I set mine up and was gifted a Uniswap liquidity pool. In this post, I'll tell you how I setup my personal token on, what a liquidity pool looks like on Uniswap, and how to auction your time on Microsponsors (if your personal token is tied to your time).

I used to setup my personal token. I filled out a typeform. TryRoll got back to me asking me what I would use it for. I said my time. They agreed to set me up with 2 million $MAX the first year and more minted each year. I agreed. Their interface makes it easy for non-crypto users to participate in new social money, the personal token. However, some who are more privacy oriented, can also use their Send to ETH address function so that users do not need to signup to receive $MAX.

Experimental Giveaway of 250 $MAX to 5 lucky folks

I did an experimental giveaway of 15 min worth of $MAX to about 6 people. It was worth it. I met new folks I never would have met with before by chance. I posted the giveaway in the KERNEL slack and received a lot of interest. Within about 2 hours, all the $MAX was gone from the giveaway.

Experimental Auction of my 500 $MAX

As an experiment for Delance, I also setup a microsponsors auction to see if there was enough demand for $MAX to have an auction for my time and have it work. Unfortunately, there are some notification issues with knowing when folks bid with microsponsors, so I didn't know that I needed to approve a bid from a $MAX whale, but I sold him $MAX at his bid price. This is proof of concept for Delance, except in Delance we'll use NFTs instead of personal tokens (for now).

I also was gifted, by a $MAX whale, a Uniswap liquidity pool of ETH-$MAX. So, it is possible to trade $MAX, since it is an ERC20 token, for ETH and back. The link to the Uniswap pool is here, if you'd like some $MAX.


There are a plethora of opportunities available to folks with personal tokens and their use cases are many. This post was meant to introduce you to tools and let you know how I did my personal token launch. It's been very fruitful so far.

Did you launch your own personal token? DM me on twitter with how it's gone for you. I'm curious.


If you want to trade personal tokens, then DM me. I'm open to offers. If you want to buy $MAX, here's the link.
(250 $MAX = 15 minutes of time, 500 $MAX = 30 min, etc.)