Official Announcement: I've Joined SmartLogic!


I’m proud to announce that I have joined SmartLogic as a Developer.

Why SmartLogic?

SmartLogic’s team has great spirit. They care about their developers in a holistic way. They have flexible, amazing hours, have wonderful benefits, and work on interesting projects.

How did I get here?

My process was straight-forward. I met Chelsea and PJ from SmartLogic at a Career Fair for Technical Talent in Baltimore. I applied. I followed up about my application there and met PJ Frias who had also attended Flatiron School. All in all, I had three interviews: one phone screen, one technical interview, and a cultural interview.

I heard back within 2 weeks with an official offer.

I’m proud to say that I accepted it last week and started this week. I appreciate the fast moving efforts of Dan and Yair to help me join the team, as well as those who interviewed me, namely Chris, Justus, Dan, Yair, and Stephanie.

After grinding on learning for so long and working hard with my career coach at Flatiron School, Katie Zemel, with continued guidance by Avi Flombaum, as well as my dedicated, hard-working teachers, Rob, Niky, Andrew, Hillary, Sam, and various other classmates (too many to name) and TAs, I’m happy to start working on a team as a dev in my first job.

It’s been quite a journey learning how to code and I will continue to hone my craft through these interesting projects. It’s only been a couple of days, but I’m making it happen. It’s been a real pleasure.

Gratitude and Thank You’s

I’d like to thank everyone at Flatiron School, WeLive, WeWork, and my immediate family for supporting me throughout my coding journey.

Soon, I will get my first paycheck, which I intend to frame (and, since I have direct deposit, see in my bank). It will make this real in so many ways.

Looking forward to future adventures in coding with the SmartLogic team.

Published 5 May 2019

founder && full stack && ethereum developer.
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