I just graduated from Consensys Academy Blockchain Developer Bootcamp and am actively searching for funding for my new startup, DeLance, and/or a tech position, preferrably Full Stack, Dapp, or Smart Contract Engineering. I'm flexible for awesome teams with meaningful work.

My trip to ETHCC was made possible by and RocketNFT. I borrowed at the same rate that I borrowed before, but a larger amount. Now, I'm going to Paris!

The EthCC NFTs

I received 750 DAI from at 10% and repay within 6 months. I also received another 750 DAI from RocketNFT with the same terms. The collateral for the loan is me working for a week for each loan, if I default, with my dev skills.

I never thought I could go somewhere internationally, but I was feeling adventurous and heard about EthCC as the largest gathering for Ethereum in Europe. I thought that maybe there was a possibility of going with a similar deal as I’d done before to go!

I reached out to Alex at RocketNFT and they agreed to do the 1500 loan, but I was actually reached out to by Sid, at, who wanted to do something similar with EthCC or another conference. So, I took a chance on them.

I sent them both an NFT - french loan part une et deux.

For, I was able to go through the interface and request a 750 DAI loan from the TravelDAO community and, within 30 minutes, it was approved! Within another 30 minutes, it was in my Paypal through Coinbase and I had immediate access to it via my Paypal Debit Card.

The RocketNFT loan worked as before. I sent Alex the NFT and received ETH and DAI this time in the amount of $750.

Overall, the transfer of DAI -> USD -> being able to spend USD was much smoother on Coinbase, however the fees were a bit large on Coinbase. I’m looking forward to a DEX like Blocknet taking over trades like this with similar Paypal type integrations.

The Journey

I took the train to Virginia, then flew from Virginia to Istanbul for a layover. I had a 15h layover in Istanbul where I slept in a sleep pod for the first time and had some cafe and tried sutlac (which is a type of Turkish custard) and had turkish delights and turkish coffee. The airport was covered in designer shops like le Mont Blanc and restaurants and cafes. I found a Turkish one and sat down after napping. I arrived in France after a 3 hours flight in the morning, officially crossing another time zone. As soon as I got into France, I took the opportunity to grab a pastry. It was delicious, then took the train to the hostel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t call or reach anyone in Turkey because my phone services didnt work. I’d been careful to buy international phone service, but it didn’t work. So, when I arrived in France, I got a Orange SIM and went about my day.

International Gratitude

Yesterday, I had a French crepe with nutella for the first time in 19 years. It was delicious and inexpensive at a street merchant. I also got camembert, had escargot, and french onion soup. This is truly a pleasure and a treat. I am surrounded by french and, while I used to be close to fluent, my American is much stronger and I have forgotten much of my French, but I know enough to get around or perhaps enough franglais to make myself understood and French people know enough English to make sense of my accent.

I am beyond humbled to have the opportunity (again!) to meet the ETH community.

I arrived a few days early in anticipation of jetlag and adjustment. There is a cafe right across from my hostel. The hostel is nice and has a desk and wifi.

All I need is at my fingertips. Looking forward to meeting more folks soon!


Drop me a line, if you’re going to EthCC, say hi, especially if you are interested in funding DeLance or hiring!

Published 1 Mar 2020

Full Stack Dapp && Smart Contract Engineer.
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