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Project: A Notary DApp

This is a brief post about my final project for Consensys Academy Blockchain Developer Bootcamp 2019-2020.

What did I build?

I built a Notary/Proof of Existence DApp that works on Rinkeby and another app that works on Ganache. I will be discussing the Rinkeby version.


App Demo:
Requires: MetaMask & Internet Connection & Rinkeby ETH

Rinkeby contract deployed:


What does this project do?

It allows users to upload a file to IPFS and notarize it with their MetaMask Rinkeby Ethereum Account and post it on Rinkeby Testnet with the simple click of a single deploy button. Complete with toast messages for user status updates.

How do I set it up locally?


Required: MetaMask, Node.js, Npm/yarn, Internet Connection (for Contract Deployment and IPFS Upload)
Optional: Truffle (only for debugging and deploying smart contracts included)


Update .secret file with your Mnemonic for your MetaMask account and set your MetaMask extension to custom network rinkeby network. Make sure you have test ETH in your Rinkeby Account. If not, get some from a Rinkeby faucet.


Install dependencies with npm i and start the app from client/ directory with npm start


Navigate to localhost:3000 and upload and notarize documents with one click of a button!


Made with <3 from Rimble App Demo.

Enjoy and notarize and upload your documents to IPFS!

Github Link to Notary-DApp Rinkeby edition