How to Deploy Your Truffle React Dapp Using Netlify

Here is a short post on how to deploy your Dapp using Netlify.

Pre-requisites: Github account. Netlify account. Truffle project with Solidity smart contracts all ready deployed to Rinkeby through the Truffle React box. A front end in ReactJS. Metamask. Rinkeby testnet Ether or mainnet Ether.

Setup a Github repo with your project uploaded via Git.

Within your repo, init git and upload your files to the repo.

git init
git remote add origin
git add . 
git commit -m "first commit"
git push origin master

After this, then setup a Netlify account on Log in with your Github account.

Setup the build command to be npm run-script build within the client/ directory.

And the base directory to be client/.

The publish directory should be client/build/.

Go to deploys and click trigger deploy and select deploy site.

Wait for it to build, then visit your custom domain!


If all went well, you have deployed your Dapp to Netlify!

Published 1 Feb 2020

Full Stack Dapp && Smart Contract Engineer.
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