Community-Based Bootcamp Invite

Why learn to code?

I’ve been thinking up different ideas for social good tech startups for several years such as an online educational initiative to train people in Africa to do remote digital work for the US. However, I have lacked the ability to build anything myself. In 2012, I delved into coding with the aim to be able to build some of the digital products that I’ve envisioned. My aim is to become a full-stack web application developer with the skills to be able to build MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) on my own quickly.

What’s my coding background?

I have been studying web development for a few years. Steadily increasing my knowledge base, I’ve become more proficient with Ruby on Rails, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Github, jQuery, and Javascript.

I started out as a student of Treehouse via a scholarship for a year (2012-2013). My progress on Treehouse can be viewed here.

I have also been learning at Codecademy. My progress can be viewed here at Codecademy (2012-Present).

I have used other supplemental resources in the past such as Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Code School, etc.

I started learning with the Flatiron School in 2015.

What’s new?

Last month, I was invited to become a founding member of a Community-Based Coding Bootcamp run by the Flatiron School, which I accepted.

Flatiron Community-Based Bootcamp

There are over 800 lessons available.

Now, I’ve transferred over work that I have already completed through their other free curriculums such as the Bootcamp Prep, Web Development Fundamentals, and Intro to Ruby coursework to the progress of the Coding Bootcamp.

This led to an almost 1/4 of the curriculum or almost 200 lessons already being completed!

It’s great to go through and complete the labs, even on topics which I have already covered previously because it solidifies that knowledge. For example, I got the opportunity to “save the animals” in a media queries lab by helping them position differently according to min-width and max-width for each animal. I saved a bear from falling off of a cliff at approximately 1196px width by repositioning them 800px to the right.

I am almost finished with the HTML5/CSS3 track in the Flatiron Bootcamp curriculum. When finished there, I am excited to move on to new material in Javascript.

Flatiron’s approach is the best one that I have seen to date. The labs really test students on their synthesis of the knowledge presented in the readme’s and provide valuable practice.

I will update this blog as I go.

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Published 6 Dec 2016

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