Stuck & Unstuck: OO-Counting-Sentences

I was stuck on the last counting sentences lab. The task of the last lab question is to count all the sentences in a given string. However, I didn’t know that there was a .squeeze method or to use regex with the solution.

Here’s what I was working with before, while I was stuck: {% highlight ruby %} def count_sentences count = 0 array = self.split(” ”) array.each do |item| if item == ”.” count += 1 puts count elsif item == ”?” count +=1 puts count elsif item == ”!” count += 1 puts count end end end {% endhighlight %}

It managed to count the sentences and return 0 when the string was empty, however it could not handle complex sentences such as “Well, there is a sentence!! This is another? And another? Woo…“.

The solution I used combines regex with the .squeeze method to eliminate duplicate characters while detecting punctuation.

{% highlight ruby %} def count_sentences string = self.squeeze(”.”) string = string.squeeze(”!”) string.split(/[$.|?|!]/).count end {% endhighlight %}

I discovered the .squeeze method through the Ask a Question feature of the community. Another member had used it for their solution. So, I used it to remove duplicates of periods and exclamation points in the sentence.

I then used regex to determine where to split the string. I discovered that I could use the | to say “or” and then counted how many times the string was split. This count was the number of sentences in the complex example. Therefore, it solved the problem.

Published 18 Jan 2017

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