Unstuck: Solving the Alphabetizing Problem

Two days ago, I discovered the solution to the problem on which I was stuck. I will walk through the steps of why it is the solution, after showing you the whole code.

{% highlight ruby %} class School

attr_accessor :roster, :name

def initialize(name)
	@roster = {} #roster initially an empty hash
	@name = name

def add_student(student, grade)#takes in variable name and grade
	@roster[grade] = [] if @roster[grade] == nil 
	@roster[grade] << student # adds student and grade to hash @roster

def grade(grade)
	return @roster[grade] 

def sort
 @roster= @roster.sort.to_h
	@roster.sort_by do |item, names|
		names = names.sort_by! do |name|
	return @roster

end {% endhighlight %}

I was specifically stuck on the def sort method. So, I will go over exactly what I was doing in the def sort method.

First, I made the instance variable @roster equal to it’s sorted hash, which aligned all the keys (symbolizing the grades) in ascending order.

As a result, the hash looked like this: {% highlight ruby %} {7=>[“Blake Johnson”, “Jack Bauer”], 9=>[“Homer Simpson”, “Bart Simpson”], 10=>[“Avi Flombaum”, “Jeff Baird”]} {% endhighlight %}

Second, I iterated through this hash using the sort_by! method to make sure it was altering the original array stored as a value within the @roster hash.

Third, I set the names or values of the @roster hash to equal those arrays sorted by their individual names (such as “blake johnson”) in downcase or without upper cases.

Fourth, I ended this sorting within the @roster iteration, and ended the @roster sorting.

Fifth, I returned the @roster resulted by the iterations and sorting.

The result of this is the arrays stored as values within the @roster hash are alphabetized and returned to the @roster hash in their original form.

Here is the result of calling the sort method: {% highlight ruby %} {7 => [“Blake Johnson”, “Jack Bauer”], 9 => [“Bart Simpson”, “Homer Simpson”], 10 => [“Avi Flombaum”, “Jeff Baird”]} {% endhighlight %}

There you have it! I solved the problem.

All the Best,

Published 14 Jan 2017

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