Why I Choose Software Development

I’d like to help build a bright future with kind, passionate people.

To paraphrase what I’ve written before, I think up ideas for social good startups spontaneously, however I have lacked the skills necessary to build their minimum viable products. In 2012, I began learning how to code through a variety of online methods such as Treehouse, Codecademy, Learn Ruby the Hard Way, etc. In 2015, I started studying with Flatiron.

What I am learning is that becoming a software developer means becoming equipped with skills to build the future. These skills include writing software for self-driving cars or writing code for prosthetic limbs. This means making a meaningful impact on the future of the world.

Software developers get to decide what kind of future they want to build and what kinds of problems to solve. There are Big P Problems. There are less poignant problems such as dating. Software developers can provide solutions such as Hand Up and Tindr.

I can contribute to the following areas. Tackling inequity or efficacy in education and healthcare. Aiding the advancement of LGBTQ civil rights. Enhancing travel, cultural, and language exchange. Collaborative consumption. Positive augmented applications of artificial intelligence such as prosthetics or smart homes. Anything related to these areas will likely spark a fire in me to code and design.

The companies that currently inspire me are AirBnB, Yelp!, Foursquare, Donorschoose.org,Couchsurfing.org, and Tesla. I’m also inspired by Public Benefit Corporations(such as Patagonia), hackerspaces (such as the Baltimore Node), and collectives (such as Red Emmas and Bluestockings).

All in all, I’m learning to code to build a bright future and solve problems with kind, passionate people.

All the Best,


p.s. This is subject to refactoring. My reasons for being a software developer and interests may change.

Published 28 Dec 2016

founder && full stack && ethereum developer.
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