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Flatiron School: Graduation

Hello all!

It has been about a month since I graduated from Flatiron School and received my famed swiss army knife and hoodie. During that month, I have been building atRest, fundraising, and applying to startup programs for atRest.

As for graduation, I could not be more honored to have passed through all the coding challenges with a cohort of brilliant, kind, supportive techies. My instructors were fantastic. No question was ever too small to answer and they were available constantly. It was an ideal student experience. Teachers even regularly sought out feedback and kept communication very open.

For my mod 5 project, I built atRest, an Airbnb for rapidly rehousing the recently homeless. I have completed a very, very minimal MVP that can be found on my Github. I built it using a Rails JSON API and a React frontend. Today, it is blooming into a full-blown venture.

There are many people who contributed to make this a reality. I’d like to thank the following: Annette Doskow, Avi Flombaum, Joe Burgess, Amanda D’Avria, Erin Rowsey, JP Sisneros, Gary from Out in Tech, Rob Cobb, Katie who called me to let me know of the full scholarship awarded to me, Chrome Boi (a.k.a Andrew Cohn), Niky Morgan, Gretchen, Nicole, Sam, Hillary, Paul, and Katie Zemel. I’d love to thank everyone in Flatiron School who made this happen, so if I have forgotten or missed anyone, please forgive me and let me know! Without you, Flatiron School would not be what it is today and has been to me: a yeshiva haven for coding.

I look forward to launching atRest to help house my friends, as promised in my application.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!