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YC: Graduation: Reflection (Part 1)

9 weeks ago was the first week of YC’s Startup School. I found out that I was accepted a week and a half before the start of the school and the next morning, through the generosity of friends who believe in me, raised enough money to get out to SF. Last Tuesday was my first time at the YC Campus for the first lectures on the basics of the course, legal and accounting basics,and moving forward with your startup.

I was lucky enough to rsvp in time to get a seat in the actual room where Adora Cheung and Geoff Ralston gave their talks and Sam Altman gave a talk remotely. It was inspiring to be in the midst of so many founders at once. Suddenly, I felt like I belonged, which was a great overwhelming feeling. There were slight technical difficulties during the presentations, which I found incredibly endearing.

It’s a relief to realize that the people that you look up to for advice are also somehow human. I learned a tremendous amount, which can be summarized by YC’s catch phrase: Build something people want.

For more details on my learnings, I will be posting summaries of notes from each lecture soon!