Flatiron BnB: Module One Final Project

To view the complete directions for the assignment, please read this: Guided Module One Final Project

In order to complete the Module One Project, Jerry and I had several remote meetings collaborating on the Module One Final Project. To collaborate, we used PivotalTracker, git, Google Hangouts, and GitHub.

We mapped out the course of the project to do’s with PivotalTracker such as making the presentation, making the associations, etc., then checked them off as we went through the project. On GitHub, Jerry named me a collaborator, so I was able to push up code to the repo using ‘git push origin master’, after ‘git clone’ing the repo on my computer.

First, I built out an XML file for the domain model. We have users, reservations, and listings. (See below)


Next, I got the JSON data for NYC, LA, and DC through the Stevies Unofficial Airbnb API, then passed it along to Jerry who created the models.

The data looks like this: jsondata

I created the associations between all the models and added them to the git repo.




We created the CLI interface to the application.

Download the Module One Final Project GitHub Repo.

To run the application, run ‘bundle install’ from the command line while within the project folder.


Again, from within the project folder, run ‘ruby bin/run.rb’. You should see the following: CLIinterface

Follow the directions to query, make reservations, make a user account, and use the application!

Type ‘exit’ to exit the program.
To see our Module One Project Presentation go here: flatironbnb

Published 9 Apr 2018

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