HostHome, Gryd, & Grep|App.IO

Hello! I haven’t been updating as much because I have been hard at work coding and founding new companies!

I am co-founder of HostHome, Benefit Corporation.

HostHome, Benefit Corporation
HostHome Landing Page — Heroku (Cloud Deploy in Production), RoR, HTML5, SASS, Foundation, JS, ERB, Font Awesome
HostHome — MVP Prototype - RoR, HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, Ajax, Twilio API, Stripe API, Bootstrap 4

Gryd, Inc.
Gryd — Redesign — Yelp! Clone with RoR, Postgres, HTML5, CSS3
Grep|App.IO — global design and development agency G | A
Grep | App.IO

Published 5 Dec 2017

founder && full stack && ethereum developer.
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