Max is of the rare breed of innovators who combine optimism with perseverance – not only will he change the world, he’ll bring you along with him."
Scout Sujyot
He has the rare combination of knowledge, perseverance and commitment to create meaningful change in the world that is as rare as it is inspiring."
Rachel Simpson
MD/PHD Resident, University of Rochester

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Past Press

"NEAR Protocol Official Blog: Community in Focus: Web3 vs. Web2 Communities"
by the NEAR Team. June 13th, 2022.

“It’s not uncommon to believe that poor people do not understand technology or advanced topics,” Goodman points out. “But homeless people were mining Bitcoin to pay for pizza with their laptops in San Francisco in 2013. Society oftentimes implicitly excludes the unexotic underclass by requiring IDs for work. A NEAR address does not care.”
Max Goodman
Founder & Chief @ Gyde